ECB to Keep Dovish Stance Until Inflation Reaches Target

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The European Central Bank on Thursday maintained a dovish stance, which it will continue to take until inflation reaches its 2% target.

Source: ECB

EURUSD is up 0.135%.

The ECB said interest rates are likely to either be kept unchanged or reduced until inflation hits the 2% target for a considerable period of time, and that consumer prices grow at a steady rate over the medium term.

Inflation may hover above the target, but the ECB said this will only be a “transitory period.” Headline inflation is expected at 1.9% this year, before decelerating to 1.5% in 2022 and 1.4% in 2023.

The ECB also committed to a bond-buying program of 1.85 trillion euros or $2.2 trillion, in line with its Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program, until March 2022.

Interests rates were maintained with the main deposit facility at -0.5%, the benchmark refinancing rate at 0%, and the marginal lending facility at 0.25%.

The ECB also committed to keeping a “persistently accommodative” monetary policy stance.


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