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Entry Points Pro Review: An Unreliable Indicator

Entry Points Pro

Entry Points Pro is a trend indicator for Metatrader 4 that promises to deliver accurate signals without delays or redrawing. As per vendor claims, this indicator has a record of making a profit that is three times the price of the indicator. Of course, we can only determine the profitability of this indicator after analyzing all its different performance aspects.

This indicator is sold on the MQL5 website by Yury Orlov, a trader based in Spain who has more than 6 years of experience. We have very little information on this person, so we don’t know much about their qualifications and background. Apart from Entry Points Pro, they have not developed any other Forex indicator or EA.

Entry Points Pro strategies and tests 

Entry Points Pro generates trading signals that are free from delays and repainting. Once a signal is confirmed, it does not disappear, unlike indicators that repaint. The signals allow you to make an entry for bullish, bearish, and sideways price movements. According to the vendor, you use this indicator on any timeframe of your choice.

The indicator panel supports multiple languages. You will get sound and visual alerts for trading entries, as well as push notifications on your phone. There is an option of filtering out false signals through filters and additional settings. The vendor provides a user guide that explains how the indicator works with the help of an example.

After purchasing the indicator, you need to install it on your trading terminal. The indicator will then send you signals for trade entries. You can make an entry as per the signal and set a stop loss above the signal candlestick. In case the price moves against you, you can reset the stop loss to the breakeven level.

Unfortunately, the vendor has not shared the backtesting results for this Forex indicator. Experienced Forex traders expect vendors to test their strategies using historical data. Not only does this reveal the profitability of the system, but it also reveals whether it can endure long periods of market drawdown. Without backtesting results, many traders might not feel confident enough to invest in this indicator.

Entry Points Pro live trading account review 

Myfxbook account that was run by Entry Points Pro EA

Myfxbook account that was run by Entry Points Pro EA

Here we have a trading account for Entry Points Pro on the Myfxbook website. The vendor has not placed any trades through this account since December 4, 2019, so there is no way to objectively assess the indicator’s profitability by analyzing these results. During the time the account was active, there were 272 trades placed through it, out of which the indicator won 219, which means it had a win rate of 81%.

The drawdown for this account is extremely high at 54.31%, and this tells us that the strategy is extremely risky. You can make large losses while trading with a system with such a high drawdown. Another thing to note is that the vendor has hidden the trading history, so clearly he does not wish to reveal the day-to-day performance of the indicator.

Second Myfxbook account for Entry Points Pro EA

Second Myfxbook account for Entry Points Pro EA

We found this Myfxbook account named Entry Points, but we are not sure whether it belongs to the robot in question. This account has a very high drawdown of 68.91%, which indicates a high risk of ruin. Furthermore, the vendor has hidden the trading history, as well as parameters like Profit, Balance, Deposits, and Withdrawals.


You can buy Entry Points Pro for the price of $125, which is quite expensive for a trading indicator. The vendor also has a free demo version that you can download to test the performance. However, there is no money-back guarantee, which makes this a risky investment.

Is Entry Points Pro indicator a scam?

Yes, Entry Points Pro indicator is a scam service. The vendor has discontinued the trading results and sells the product at a very high price. Additionally, they do not offer a refund, which means that if you lose trades with this indicator, you won’t get any of your money back.

User reviews for Entry Points Pro on MQL5

User reviews for Entry Points Pro on MQL5

We were unable to find any authentic user reviews for this indicator on websites like Myfxbook, Quora, Forexpeacearmy, and Trustpilot. There are some reviews on MQL5, but we cannot trust them, since the vendor could easily have manipulated them. It is clear that Entry Points Pro does not have a stellar reputation in the industry.

Other notes

The vendor has an official Telegram group, where you can find more information related to the indicator. They also offer the MT5 version of Entry Points Pro, along with several videos showing how it functions.

Entry Points Pro


Entry Points Pro is an unproven Forex indicator you should not risk investing in. The vendor discontinued the live trading results, supposedly because of the high drawdown. For another account, they have hidden the trading history, and this means the vendor is not transparent about the results of their system. Trading with this system can lead to large losses, and there is no refund offered.

  • Verified trading results
  • Works on all timeframes and pairs
  • Discontinued live trading statistics
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Extremely high drawdown
  • Lack of user reviews

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