US Crude Oil Inventories Up to 427.0 Million Barrels

US Crude Oil

The United States opened in October with 6.1 million additional barrels from the previous week, even as refinery inputs and oil imports decreased during the period.

  • US commercial crude oil inventories for the week ending October 8 jumped 6.1 million barrels from the previous week to 427.0 million barrels. Total motor gasoline inventories fell 2.0 million barrels, along with finished gasoline and blending components which declined.
  • Oil refinery inputs stood at 15.1 million barrels per day, down 0.7 million barrels per day from the previous week as refineries operated at 86.7% of operable capacity. Gasoline production jumped to 9.6 million barrels per day, and distillate fuel 4.7 million barrels per day.
  • Crude oil imports averaged 6.0 million barrels per day, down 1.0 million from the previous week. Gasoline imports averaged 543,000 barrels per day, and distillate fuel imports 190,000 barrels per day.
  • Total products supplied in the last four weeks averaged 20.7 million barrels a day, reflecting a 12.5% increase from a year ago. Motor gasoline products averaged 9.2 million barrels a day. Distillate fuel products averaged 4.2 million barrels and jet fuel up 53.5%.

Source: Energy Information Administration

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